The Omega-3 revolution

Omega 3An insurance against neuronal death

Omega-3s are essential to prevent and fight against cerebral and cardiac attacks. CNRS researchers have just discovered the mechanisms of polyunsaturated fatty acids that allow the body to fight against certain neurological diseases.

Put Omega-3 on your plate and reap the benefits.

Gluco-Condrine 500

GlucosamineWith Glucosamine + Chondroitin, osteoarthritis is no longer a fatality

Did you know that since February 1999, glucosamine is officially recognized and used in the United States as a natural alternative to osteoarthritis. Associated with chondroitin, it has an action both of regeneration of damaged cartilage and reconstruction of new cartilages. The cure is 2 months minimum.

Say goodbye to your white hair

White HairFind the natural color of your hair in 20 days

Spectacular results in just twenty days!

POSITIVEHAIR , the lotion that restores natural pigmentation to your hair and makes you forget your white hair. POSITIVEHAIR is effective regardless of the color of your hair. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the economic offer!

You can not take migraines anymore?

migrainesHere is the Partenelle to forget your migraines!

Widely distributed in the Balkans, the PARTNER will make you forget your migraines and your headaches. Indeed the flowering tops of the partner contain parthenolide, to which the plant owes its ANTIMIGRAINE activity. Do not take your head anymore! Follow a cure of 3 months quickly.

For a new virility

tribulusHere is the surefire way to increase your sexual performance

This is because TRIBULUS naturally stimulates the production of Testosterone that dramatically improves libido and male vigor. Indeed, a recent study has shown that taking Tribulus for 5 days naturally leads to a testosterone increase of more than 30%. And if you followed a couple treatment.

To put an end to insomnia

insomniaTo find a thousand and one nights of serenity

Here is the most beautiful tranquilizer that nature offers us, the VALERIAN , because it does not weaken the mind and does not like, alas, a lot of chemical tranquilizers. And, moreover, it does not create any addiction or drowsiness during the day. Find your child’s sleep with Valerian soon.

The Hoodia gordonii cactus

hoodiaA revolution in the field of slimming

Hoodia gordinii is a new, exciting and powerful dietary supplement that will reduce your appetite better than any other product … It is used by native tribes of South Africa as appetite suppressants and natural thirst quenchers during their long journeys & hunt. The extract of this cactus reduces by 40 to 50% the absorption of calories, causing a considerable loss of weight.